Funda de cuir per a telèfons mòbils feta a mà.
  • Funda de cuir per a telèfons mòbils feta a mà.
  • Solapa de funda de cuir per a telèfons mòbils.
  • Vista posterior de funda artesana de cuir per a aparells mòbils.
  • Detall d’enformat del cuir de funda artesana per a mòbils.
  • Tancament de funda de cuir artesanal.
  • Fornitures de bandolera de niló pera funda de mòbil artesana.
  • Leather Mobile Phone Case

Leather Mobile Phone Case


This case is designed to keep your mobile accessible and protected. It is crafted with a traditional technique called ‘leather shaping’, which consists of shaping wet leather with wooden molds which it then tightens around. When the leather dries, it stiffens and retains the shape of the mold. This case will allow you to carry up to two mobile phones and supports the largest devices on the market. It has an adjustable, heavy-duty, 10mm-wide nylon shoulder strap with leather reinforcement to make it comfortable on the shoulder and to carry at the desired height.

Mobile Case leather Handmade 

Color: Red

This phone case is an original IKIGAILEATHER model and is carefully handcrafted in our workshop. Our HARD leather is durable and robust, while its satin finish is smooth and soft to the touch. We always use top quality, full-grain, chromium free leathers, 100% vegetable tanned from cattle of European origin and manufactured in Catalan tanneries. The zippers, threads, linings and fittings are of high quality and sourced from leading brands to ensure a long life of intensive use. +info (Materials).

This leather mobile phone case is robust and resilient and capable of withstanding intensive use both at work and for personal use. It will travel together with you for many years with minimal maintenance. +info (Leather maintenance).


Data sheet

Type of leather
100% vegetable tanned leather from european cattle
Leather flexibility
Low (Hard)
Shoulder strap
Yes. Nylon Adjustable10 mm Width
Up to two phones

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