The heir to a family business devoted to traditional craftsmanship, in 2020 in Barcelona we re-birthed the brand as IKIGAILEATHER. Our small, independent company’s mission is to introduce the world to our carefully developed products that combine modern design with a deep knowledge of ancestral craft techniques.

Passion for detail

As craftspeople we pay maximum attention to detail. From the initial sketch through to the finished product, we strive to offer up our knowledge and open new paths, affording original solutions that meet contemporary customer needs, while always using the highest quality materials.

All our products use vegetable tanned leather of superior quality from Catalonia. Magnificently produced in a natural and sustainable way in the tanneries of Igualada, our leather is a material with a future that takes the welfare of the planet into account. At IKIAGAILEATHER, this is of paramount importance to us.

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