Leather is a natural material that acquires its own natural patina with use, giving each piece a unique character. It is a very durable material, but it does require minimal maintenance to keep it in good condition. These tips will help you keep your purchase in top shape.

Cleaning up

With a cotton cloth slightly moistened with water, gently rub the leather and remove dust and dirt from the surface. Let it dry.

The finishes of our leathers are very natural. This implies that the pores of the skin are more open and therefore more susceptible to absorbing any element that comes into contact with it. The more a leather repels an external agent, the less open its pores are and the less natural its finish. This is why intense stains, especially from oily elements, can be difficult to remove on our leathers and we advise you to avoid them as much as possible. In some cases it is useful to apply a leather cleaner. In others, good hydration will be needed. At IKIGAILEATHER we are convinced that each piece will acquire signs of use over time, but we think that it is part of the life of each product and that it is integrated into the natural process.

Leather cleaner

Machine washing, with soaps, chemical products such as stain removers or detergents, and washing with hot water is not advisable. If you want more advice visit this website.


Leather needs to be moisturized from time to time. It depends on factors such as the intensity of use or the weather. This can be done with a multitude of special moisturizing products for leather that you can easily find like

Leather conditioner.

Apply it sparingly. After a few minutes, brush the piece with a soft brush to remove possible excesses. And he is ready to face new adventures. Being a porous product, depending on the type of leather, it absorbs more or less moisture, which can cause the original color to darken. Don't worry, it's normal, you're protecting him. Natural moisturizing creams, oils or waxes can also be used.


Leather is highly resistant, but it can also suffer from rubbing, scratches or scuffs. For rubbing wear, it is likely that just applying a liquid wax of the right color, such as a wax for leather shoes and a light brushing, will solve the problem. Most surface scratches can be reversed with good hydration. Strips are another thing. If your part is broken, we will be happy to see if it can be repaired. Most of the time the repair is simple and does not involve any more difficulty. Contact us if you need a repair.