As craftspeople , we strive for the perfect balance between functionality and design, minimalism and utility. Our work model assures the exclusivity afforded by a cottage industry workshop, and our products exhibit the personality and human touch only individually handmade objects crafted by skilled artisans can.


Our aim is for you to be able to relish the quality of materials and the technical excellence with which your purchases are crafted. The passion for a job well done and care for details is what motivates us, together with focussing our vision toward more sustainable horizons.


At IKIGAILEATHER, we opt (as far as possible in a globalized world) for conceptual innovativeness and a Slow Business model. We know where we come from and we know where we want to go. That is why we firmly believe in the value of work done by hand, with patience and attention and using traditional techniques, but at the same time employing modern tools and innovation. This conception of craftsmanship instills our products with a sense of serenity and an unmistakably human quality.