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Leather flexibility

Leather flexibility


Welcome to the IKIGAILEATHER online store. Here you will find all our available models and colors, as well as detailed information about each product.

Our products are original and handcrafted to order in our workshop. Bags, backpacks, briefcases, and accessories are tailored with dedication and care to offer you the highest quality product and timeless designs.

If you are looking for an exclusive, personalized, or bespoke piece, we can also help. Send us your proposal and we will do our utmost to meet your needs.

At IKIGAILEATHER, workmanship, attention to detail, and the care we pour into every creation is the cornerstone of our ethos, and we are proud of offering products that you will still be enjoying in years to come.


  • Bags

    Here you will discover a collection of handmade artisanal leather bags: shoulder bags, belt bags, handbags, large, small, versatile... a whole world of possibilities! Our bags are carefully made from the best quality leather by artisans who strive to deliver a flawless product into your hands. These are bags you will be proud to show off and that only get better with age.

  • Backpacks

    Undoubtedly a classic solution to transport everything you need, we aim to create comfortable and practical backpacks for work and play that make your life easier. A handmade leather backpack is a special travel companion and requires careful selection.

  • Briefcases

    There is nothing as difficult as combining elegance and functionality in one design. Our leather briefcase nails it. Going to work will never have felt as rewarding. Ours is a briefcase you can carry in your hand or wear slung over your shoulder. It turns heads wherever it goes, and you are sure to be stopped by people asking whether it is handmade!

  • Small pieces

    We always aim to give our smaller leather items the importance they deserve. Wallets, purses, and passport holders make life easier and keep coins, cards, documents, and banknotes organized. We start from the idea that they should be easy to use, but are mindful that when you reach into your pocket for them, they should feel like a luxury item.

  • Accessories

    Why settle? Accessories help us enjoy what motivates us most in life. The guitar of your dreams deserves a strong and durable leather strap. Long photo sessions call for a comfortable, soft leather strap. Here you will also find pencil cases, a tool bag to attach to your belt, and a toiletry bag to carry makeup. Leather accessories exude a comfort and warmth that synthetic materials cannot replicate; and they enhance the sense of fulfillment we get from pursuing our passions!

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