At IKIGAILEATHER we honor the traditional leather working techniques learned from master craftspeople, while at the same time employing modern knowledge and tools to the design and finish of our products.

Leather cutting

Honoring the past.

We highly value the expertise we have acquired and are humbled and grateful to the previous generation who have so generously passed their know-how on to us. Now it is up to us to face the future on our own terms. Our constant search for the balance between past and future is an essential part of our philosophy.

While our production process is unostentatious, it is not a fast process. Just as leather gradually accrues a patina with age, every new piece we create requires time to develop, mature, and acquire its own unique personality.

First, we sketch an idea on paper - rough drafts that adumbrate a new concept. Then with specialized design software we transform these ideas into patterns. These patterns evolve through an organic process as we test prototype after prototype. Only once a prototype has been exhaustively tested and fully developed does it go into production.

At this point we concentrate on sourcing the most suitable materials. We select the best leathers, linings, and fittings with utmost care.

Once the piece is in the final production phase, it only remains for you to place your order, and we will deliver the lovingly crafted item into your hands. Our packaging is made of recycled cardboard, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint.

Ikigaileather workshop.