Porta-llapis de cuir artesanal
  • Porta-llapis de cuir artesanal
  • Detall de cremallera de plumier de cuir artesà
  • Capacitat de porta-llapis artesanal de cuir beige
  • Vista lateral de plumier fet a mà
  • Detall de porta-llapis de pell

Leather Pencil case


Keep your writing instruments organized and protected with our handmade leather pencil case. Made from premium quality leather, it offers durability and style for students and professionals. Perfect for carrying pens, pencils, markers, and more, our pencil case will be a stylish and functional addition to your daily routine. This pencil case is a functional and beautiful accessory. It allows you to carry up to fifteen pencils and will fit easily in your bag. The premium YKK zipper and closing system gives you quick access to your drawing tools. Its minimalist, streamlined design makes it an essential accessory with its own unique personality. A luxury within everyone's reach.

Plumier de cuir

Color: Tan

This pencil holder is an original IKIGAILEATHER model and is carefully handcrafted in our workshop. Our FLEX leather is supple, and its matte finish and smooth, velvety touch exude a unique sense of warmth and comfort. We always use top quality, full-grain, chromium-free leather, 100% vegetable tanned from cattle of European origin and manufactured in Catalan tanneries. The zippers, threads, linings and fittings are of high quality and sourced from leading brands to ensure a long life of intensive use. +info (Materials).

This leather pencil case is a very practical and functional item and will serve you for many years with minimal maintenance. +info (Leather maintenance).


Data sheet

Type of leather
100% vegetable tanned leather from european cattle
Leather flexibility
High (Flex)

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