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  • Corretja de cuir negre artesanal
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  • Detall de tires de nylon corretja artesana de cuir negre
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  • Corretja de càmera feta a mà de cuir negre

Leather Camera Strap


Our leather camera strap is a must-have photographer’s accessory. Its 50mm girth and padded underside make it incredibly comfortable to wear; whether working long sessions in the studio, or heading out for day-long excursions in search of the perfect shot, our leather camera strap is the ideal choice for photographers looking for convenience, comfort, and style. This camera strap is handmade with top quality leather and fittings, is adjustable in length to facilitate the positioning of the camera, and features a fixed anchor system with 10 mm nylon strips and a 15 mm diameter ring that is reliable and fits all camera models. What’s more, it is designed to withstand the weight of compact, reflex, and large format cameras. Optionally, we can include a quick release system for those who need to change the body of the camera regularly (not included as standard).

Color: Antracite

This camera strap is an original IKIGAILEATHER model and is carefully handcrafted in our workshop. Our FLEX leather is supple, and its matte finish and smooth, velvety touch exude a unique sense of warmth and comfort. We always use top quality, full-grain, chromium-free leather, 100% vegetable tanned from cattle of European origin and manufactured in Catalan tanneries. All our bags are internally lined with durable canvas (70% cotton 30% polyester) for a flawless finish. The zippers, threads, linings and fittings are of high quality and sourced from leading brands to ensure a long life of intensive use. +info (Materials).

This leather camera strap is versatile and resilient and will serve you for many years with minimal maintenance. +info (Leather maintenance).


Data sheet

80 gr
Type of leather
100% vegetable tanned leather from european cattle
Leather flexibility
High (Flex)

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